Upgrade Composer on Ubuntu 20.04

Upgrade Composer on Ubuntu 20.04

ERROR in The Angular Compiler requires...

Allow conflicting versions of TypeScript on the same machine for specific projects.

Delete Multiple git Branches with a Single Command

Delete multiple git branches with a single command.

Ubuntu Linux: where do the crontabs live?

Ubunut, Linux, crontab, find, cli, search

System Settings Disappear on Ubuntu 20.04

My system settings keep disappearing on Ubuntu 20.04. I've found a reinstall will bring these back.

Login to a terminal as root on Ubuntu Linux.

Login to the terminal as root

Flip a PDF on Ubuntu using the Terminal and PDFTK

How to quickly flip a PDF using Ubuntu Linux

Testing a Service Worker with a Self-Signed SSL Certificate in Google Chrome

Testing a Service Worker with a Self Signed in Google Chrome

Missing Sound Indicator in Ubuntu 16.04

How I restored the sound indicator to the Unity service panel.

The volume "boot" has only 0 bytes disk space remaining

Resolving low disk space errors on Ubuntu's boot volume.

Using Logcat with Cordova

Using regex to filter logcat down to the Cordova web console.

Tour of Heroes in Production with HashLocationStrategy

Moving the Angular2's Tour of Heroes tutorial into production.

Move Data From MySQL to MongoDB via phpMyAdmin and Mongoimport

Use phpMyAdmin and mongoimport to move data from MySQL to MongoDB

PHP-INTL on Ubuntu for CakePHP 3 and PHP 7

Installing the intl packe for PHP7, CakePHP 3 and Ubuntu

Local Analysis with Code Climate via Docker on Ubuntu 16.04

Code Climate on Ubuntu 16.04 via Docker

Fixing Chrome Apt Errors on Debian/Ubuntu (Failed to fetch

Fixing apt-get update errors involving Chrome in Ubuntu Linux

phpMyAdmin Showing Dropped Tables

I had deleted several tables from a MySQL database but when I opened phpMyAdmin, those tables were still showing under the structure tab.

Clock Disappears in Ubuntu 14.04

Restoring the Unity panel clock on Ubuntu 14.04

How do I call an element from a helper in CakePHP 2.x?

Accessing View properties from a helper class in CakePHP

Selecting Random Rows in MySQL

A quick how to for selecting random rows of data from a MySQL database. Includes a CakePHP implementation of the query.

Net Neutrality an Honest Debate

Finally, an honest Net Neutrality debate between an ISP and a content provider.

Installing Xdebug on Ubuntu 14.04

Installing Xdebug on Ubuntu 14.04

Ubuntu 14.04, CakePHP 2.4 and PHPUnit 3.7

PHPUnit 3.7 with CakePHP 2.4 on Ubuntu 14.04

Saving Files with Vim

Vim can be kind of tricky your first few times using it. Knowing how to save and abort your changes along with being able to exit the editor is a great place to start.

NSA Proof Your Apache Configuration

In the wake of Heartbleed I thought I would share my Apache configuration and provide some tips on preventing Heartbleed and implementing anti-NSA best practices.

Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on Linux

This is a quick overview of how I create CSRs for obtaining SSL certificates.

End of Life for Ubuntu One

End of Life for Ubuntu One

Testing GitHub

A few commands for testing GitHub.

My Standard Implementation for TinyMCE

A TinyMCE configuration.

Gotchas in Shell Scripting

Shell scripting can be a little frustrating at times, I'm sharing some gotchas to hopefully server me as a reminder and hopefully help someone else out of a rut.

Separation of Dev and Production Environments

Demonstrates a means by which to restrict code execution to dev or production environments.

The Wrong Power Supply

A few tips on choosing the right power supply when a manufacturer replacement is not a feasible option.

Find Duplicate Data in a MySQL Database

A MySQL query for locating duplicate data.

Shutter a Great Linux Alternative to Snagit

I like Snagit on WIndows but sadly they do not make a Linux version. Thankfully I found the Shutter Screenshot Tool.

Sort Directory Contents From the Command Line in Linux

ls -rlt will sort the contents of a directory in chronological order.

What I Use

I get a lot of questions asking me what I use and/or recommend in the technology realm, so I thought I would take some time and answer that question here.

Simple Cloud Hosting with DigitalOcean

Deploy an 512MB RAM and 20GB SSD cloud server in 55 seconds for $5/month. Simple, fast, scalable SSD cloud virtual servers.

Introducing JAM

JAM is a shell script for combining and minifing a website's front end assets.

A Few Words on Shell Scripts

A few words on when and how I use shell scripts and cron jobs.

Install node.js

A quick how to guide to installing node.js on Ubunut Linux

Move a Column in MySQL

A little reminder as to how to rearrange the columns in a MySQL DB table.

Creating a Self-Signed SSL Certificate on Ubuntu

This article will walk you through installing self-signed certificate. Self-signed certificates are great for testing your applications SSL dependiencies in yout development environment.

Building A Lamp Stack On Ubuntu

Installing the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is extremely simple in Ubuntu. This article will guide you through building a LAMP server for both development and production environments.

Building an Ubuntu Linux Development Environment

Designing a throw away system is a great way to prevent both a loss of data and productivity. A good throw away system design relies on real time data replication and great documentation. This article documents my throw away system.

Installing TrueCrypt and LastPass on Ubuntu Linux

When it comes to truly secure, crossplatform, password management and file encryption solutions I have two go to options; LastPass and TrueCrypt. Since these are not available in the Ubuntu repositories, installing these on Linux is a manual process. The following will make installing both of these products a snap.

Installing Oracle Java and Netbeans on Ubuntu

Netbeans plays best with Oracle Java. Since Oracle's version is not available in the Ubuntu's repositories or in a . deb format we have to do the install by hand.

Silence Exchange Notifications on your Samsung Galaxy S3

A quick how to for dealing with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync notification settings on a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Changing The Default Editor In Ubuntu Linux

Changing the Default Editor in Ubuntu Linux.

phpMyAdmin Post Configuration

A guide offering tips, tricks and best practices for completing an installation of phpMyAdmin.

Running a T-Mobile Galaxy S3 On AT&T

Unlock a T-Mobile Galaxy S3 so that it will run on the AT&T.

Building A Lamp Stack On Ubuntu 12.04

Provides a complete install of a LAMP Server on Ubuntu 12.04.

Git Submodule Tips

A few tips for on working with git submodules.

DNS Flush

A few commands for flushing your local DNS cache.

Setting Up NetBeans And Sun Java6 In Lucid Lynx Ubuntu 10 4

A tutorial for for installing Sun Java and NetBeans on Ubuntu using only a command line.

Use Google DNS With Open DNS And Local Fallback In Ubuntu Linux

Use Google Dns With Open Dns And Local Fallback In Ubuntu Linux

Accessing Phpmyadmin After Apt Get Install

A quick Apache2 configuration fix to help you access phpMyAdmin after an apt-get install.

Git Setup - A Server And Web Based Workflow In About 10 Minutes

Build a git server in 10 minutes.

Multiplatform Development And Testing

A few words on cross platform web development.

Building Traffic Reports

A tutorial for building basic reports from stored user data using PHP and MySQL.

Tracking Ip Addresses And Other User Data

Tracking IP Addresses and Other User Data.