Jason Snider
 Builder of Things, Doer of Stuff

Hello, I'm Jason Snider

64x64Jason Snider is a full stack web and hybrid mobile application developer, indie game dev, dev bootcamp instructor, systems architect, Linux aficionado, open source advocate, impromptu DBA, security and blockchain enthusiast with a sincere passion for building and advancing knowledge while resolving complex problems and business challenges through technical innovation.

Things and Stuff

A high level overview of the things I build and the stuff I do.

Back Office

Extensive experience in designing and developing event, geo, and data driven CRM, CMS, ERP, BI, IO, and other miscellaneous back office systems.

Frontend Development

Extensive experience with a number of front end technologies including but not limited to HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, Ionic, Rxjs, Gulp, webpack Less, Sass, Material Design, Bootstrap, Vanilla JS, Ajax, API consumption.

Backend Development

Extensive experience with a number of front end technologies including but not limited to Linux, Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgre, PHP, Python, BASH, NodeJS, Express, CakePHP, API development.

Mobile and Indie Game Development

Experience building building progressive web and hybrid mobile applications that are inclusive of indie gamesand general data management. Experience publishing to Google Play and Apple App store.

Portal Development

Experience in designing and developing portal driven monolithic systems. These systems provide a primary personal branding and career coaching platform that provides portals for students, instructors, administration, and white labeling for third party organizations.

Social Media

Experience in designing and developing social media platforms as well as integrating social features into existing platforms for which social aspects are not the primary concern of the system.

Systems Architect

Experience designing and implementing the overall technical architecture for a number of cloud based systems.

Open Source

Has contributed to and released a number of open source projects.


Security enthusiast and hobbyist. In additional to concentrating my graduate work on InfoSec, I have listenednearly every episode of Security Now and strive to design and build secure solutions.

Instructor, Mentor and Leader

Experience designing and teaching development bootcamps, mentoring junior developers, and leading development teams and efforts.